Stay in Action with our 2-Part Airsoft Shooter Belts

Stay in Action with our 2-Part Airsoft Shooter Belts

Airsoft exercises are often extremely fast-paced, so having easy access to your gear is crucial.

An airsoft belt is a practical accessory for all types of games. It helps you organize your equipment much more effectively and carry all types of gear. Any extras will be much easier to access, enabling you to reload quickly along with switch magazines without going through your pockets or rucksack.

Move more freely and comfortably with our 2-part airsoft belts.

Designed to be lightweight and unrestrictive, wearing one of our belts won’t slow you down. They’re designed to distribute the weight of your gear evenly around your waist. This can help alleviate strain on your back and shoulders, especially when compared to carrying all your equipment in a backpack or vest.

These 2-part belts can be used on their own or in combination with other tactical equipment.

Among this range is our Crye Multicam Kydex Customs 2" Shooter Belt which is manufactured by 2LE, formerly known as FRV Tailoring. Because the belt is rigid, it provides a solid mounting platform for heavy equipment

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