Premium Pistol Magazine Carriers At Great Prices

Premium Pistol Magazine Carriers At Great Prices

Passionate about airsoft shooting and looking for new magazine carriers?

Whatever your weapon of choice, Kydex Customs UK Ltd brings you the best products for the airsoft market. You’ll find all the accessories you need to enjoy a first-class experience.

Whether you’re heading to the National Airsoft Festival in 2023, or going to a World War II event this autumn, you’ll be fully equipped with our magazine carriers.

Our team practises practical shooting ideologies to ensure you enjoy the finest solutions available.

We have an extensive choice of magazine and equipment carriers, including those for many types of air pistols or rifles. These provide the most secure and accessible way of carrying an extra magazine on your gun belt.

If you need help finding the ideal accessories for your pistol, our friendly team is happy to help. All our pistol magazine carriers can be canted forward or backwards by up to 20°, making them highly convenient.

Among our range is the CZ P09/P07 which are designed to work with all brands of Airsoft CZ P09 and CZ P07 Magazine. It’s available in a range of colours including army print designs. Stylish, reliable and long-lasting, they’re an excellent part of your kit.

If you’re looking for the best pistol magazine carriers, explore our latest range today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.