Practical, Durable And Stylish Airsoft Shooter Belts

Practical, Durable And Stylish Airsoft Shooter Belts

Airsoft shooting was introduced to the UK in 1980 and rapidly became popular all over the world. 

Ideal for both professional training and recreational use, most airsoft guns are noticeably lighter than ‘real’ steel counterparts. This is due to the use of aluminium alloy and plastic materials. However, some have added weights for a more realistic feel.

Wearing the right gear when airsoft shooting is key to staying safe and reducing the risk of injuries. 

After all, an airsoft combatant is only as good as the gear they carry! Tactical belts have been around for thousands of years, and not just for shooting; they were used by Roman Legionaries to carry swords, support protective gear and hold pouches packed with battlefield essentials!

With our two part shooter belts, it’s much easier to perform effectively. 

Why use an airsoft shooter belt?

With the right tactical belt, you’ll be able to carry more equipment, making it easier to reload, switch guns or refuel when undertaking missions or taking rests between rounds. 

Kydex Customs UK Ltd specialise in British made airsoft accessories, including belts, holsters and optics/weapon lights

Our two-part belts will help you stay comfortable and able to control heavy equipment with ease. They include this Crye Multicam Kydex Customs 2" Shooter Belt which is rated five-stars by our happy customer and uses an Austrialpin Cobra Buckle rated for 4000 LB's.

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