Our Collection Of High Quality Airsoft Pistol Holsters

Our Collection Of High Quality Airsoft Pistol Holsters

Airsoft pistols are ideal for a range of hobbies whether you want to perfect your target shooting or love to take part in historical re-enactments. Whilst they can supply endless hours of fun and enjoyment, they can hurt someone if they hit bare skin, which is why it’s important to store them in a holster.

Whether you’re new to airsoft pistols or an experienced shooter, Kydex Customs UK Ltd has everything needed to enjoy this practice to the full.

All our products are UK manufactured and are guaranteed to be of the finest quality. We enable you to easily shop by pistol platform, with brands including Glock, Hipaca, Hudson H9 and many more.

Kydexcustoms has an extensive range of quality airsoft pistols and accessories, including holsters.

Holsters are important for holding or restricting the undesired movement of a gun. They’re usually kept where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use.

Among our range is our Pro Series Holsters which are made from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex, if applicable they are also wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric. All our holsters are both practical and highly stylish, along with affordable.

Latest products include the Pro Series Hicapa Holster which has multiple points of adjustable retention. It’s made with a mould which was entirely designed and manufactured by us, making it the finest quality possible!

Explore our latest selection of airsoft pistol holders today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.