Hunting For The Best Airsoft Pistol Holsters Made In The UK?

Hunting For The Best Airsoft Pistol Holsters Made In The UK?

A holster is one of the most essential pieces of kit for your airsoft pistol. In fact, it’s usually the first item people buy once they’ve bought the pistol itself. Although you can technically go without a holster, once you use one you’re likely to find it indispensable. 

An airsoft pistol holster will keep your gun safe and secure, along with making it instantly accessible. Ideally they should be comfortable to wear along with being highly durable.

Whatever your budget, it’s easy to find the right holster for your requirements at Kydex Customs UK Ltd.

Kydex Customs UK Ltd is ideal if you’re looking for the best British-made airsoft pistol holsters.

Our range of holsters include the following collections to choose from:

  • Bare Bones Holsters including those designed to work with Airsoft Glock pistols. These holsters have less features than our other designs and are ideal if you’re on a tighter budget.

  • Pro Series Holsters. These are made in the UK from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex. They are also wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric.

  • Pro-Series Light Bearing Holsters for the most accurate aim even in low light conditions.

  • Tracer Series Holsters which are designed to work with the trader attached.

Find out more about our airsoft pistol holsters or contact our team for more information.