High Quality Airsoft Belts Manufactured In The UK

High Quality Airsoft Belts Manufactured In The UK

Originating in Japan in the 1980s, airsoft is now highly popular in Britain and there are places for shooting games all over the country.

With our durable and reliable airsoft accessories, you can enjoy this sport to the fullest. Whether you’re new to the world of airsoft shooting or highly experienced, Kydex Customs UK Ltd has products for people at all levels.  

Our shooter belts are of phenomenal quality and highly practical. Our double belts have an inner belt with a hook that has velcro on the outside, and an outer belt with a loop of velcro on the inside. Easy to put on and wear, they’re comfortable and will keep your holsters easily accessible. 

Order durable airsoft belts with confidence.

Kydex Customers UK Ltd have a massive choice of British-made products at competitive prices, including airsoft belts. 

Our products include this OD Green Customer Shooter Belt which is rated five stars by our customers. This belt’s rigid design provides a solid mounting platform for heavy equipment. It uses an Austrialpin Cobra Buckle which is rated for 4000 LB's. It could prove to be an indispensable part of your kit. 

Customers have praised the quality of our products, excellent communication and prompt deliveries throughout the UK. 

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