Explore our Extensive Collection of Airsoft Pistol Magazine Carriers

Explore our Extensive Collection of Airsoft Pistol Magazine Carriers

Whether you’re an airsoft shooter in the military or for recreational purposes, Kydex Customs UK Ltd has the accessories needed to perform at optimal levels.

That includes a wide selection of airsoft magazine and equipment carriers, including those for rifles, radios, compasses, medical equipment and much more.

Investing in a magazine carrier can be beneficial in numerous ways. For starters, they provide a handy and secure way to carry extra magazines. These are often used up rapidly if you’re in a high-paced game.

Reload faster and get back into action immediately.

Our carriers have great features to keep magazines in place until you need to reload. Your spare magazines will always be secure and won’t fall out when you’re running about. You won’t have to worry about relying on the limited capacity of your airsoft pistol.

They’re perfect for airsoft games or scenarios which are longer and where more rounds than a single magazine can hold.

Among our latest range is this Hi Capa Magazine Carrier which is only £23.99 and comes with several mounting options. Like all our magazine carriers, it has the ability to be canted forward or backwards by up to 20° by moving the holes the mounts are mounted through on the top and the bottom row.

Check out our latest collection of airsoft pistol magazine carriers. Or contact us for more details on any of our products.