Explore A Great Collection Of Products For Airsoft Guns

Explore A Great Collection Of Products For Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are increasingly popular with clubs, teams and athletic associations popping up everywhere. There’s events devoted to airsoft activities around the world, including here in the UK.

Unlike other types of shooting, it’s a safe sport providing it’s played with the proper protective gear. Here at Kydex Customs UK Ltd, you’ll find everything needed to make the most of your airsoft gun.

Located in South West Wales, Kydex Customs brings you a wide range of products for airsoft guns.

Whether you’re new to the airsoft market or more experienced, our friendly team is here to help.  We enable you to easily browse according to pistol platform, with our products including:

  • Holsters manufactured entirely in the UK using excellent materials. On our website you’ll find some of the best airsoft holsters on the market.
  • Magazine and equipment carriers, including grenade, shotgun and compass carriers.
  • Optics and weapon lights with excellent features. 
  • Mounts to suit all types of budgets. That includes Saf 2 Adapters designed to bridge the gap between budget holsters and higher end holster mounting platforms without breaking the bank.
  • Shooter belts which are both stylish and comfortable. That includes Kydex Customs Shooter Belts which are simply phenomenal and provide a seamless connection between the user and kit. 
  • Equipment and extras like retention clips, perspex lenses, PVC patches and much more.
  • Knife sheaths that are all custom-made to order. 

    If you’re looking for the latest products for airsoft guns, explore our latest range today. Or please contact our team for more information.