Easy to Use, Two-Part System Airsoft Belts

Easy to Use, Two-Part System Airsoft Belts

Wearing an airsoft belt makes it easy to reload, switch guns and refuel even when you’re undertaking missions. They make it quick and simple to holster your weapon, along with having speedy access to fresh magazines when shooting. 

Kydex Customs UK Ltd has a range of airsoft shooter belts, including those with smart 2 part systems.

This collection includes the Crye Multicam Kydex Customs 2" Shooter Belt which helps to create a seamless connection between the user and their kit. It has many awesome features including a solid mounting platform for heavy equipment. Rated highly by our customers, it uses an Austrialpin Cobra Buckle rated for 4000 LB's. Easy to wear and effortlessly stylish, it’s the ideal accessory for any airsoft enthusiast.

Elsewhere in this range is the OD Green Kydex Customs 2" Shooter Belt which has an outer belt that has between 18 and 24 rows of molle (depending on the size). The first is an inner trouser belt with a hooked Velcro on the outside and the second an outer belt with loop Velcro on the inside.

All these airsoft belts are manufactured by 2LE, a company that was formerly known as FRV Tailoring
If you’re looking for two-belt systems for airsoft shooters, check out our latest collection today.