Beautifully Designed Holsters For Glock Airsoft Pistols

Beautifully Designed Holsters For Glock Airsoft Pistols

Glock is one of the most famous manufacturers of firearms in the world. Along with being used for professional purposes, their guns are popular for recreational and competition shooting. That includes the airsoft market. There are many airsoft replicas bearing the Glock name that look and feel like their other firearms.

Whether you’re looking for holsters with or without a weapon light, you’ll find them among our collection.

We have many high quality holsters for Glock airsoft pistols, including this Bare Bones Holster. Although not as feature-rich as our pro-series, this holster is perfect for beginners. It has fixed retention for a consistent draw strength. 

The holster comes with a pair of malice clips to attach to molle webbing or a belt. It can also be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Airsoft holsters that are the best on the market.

Meanwhile, our Pro-Series is designed to work with all makes, models and generations of Real Steel and Airsoft Glock. It fits many different models of weapon light. You’ll enjoy multiple points of adjustable retention and RMR cut as standard. 

All our products are made by a dedicated team in the UK. We offer free worldwide delivery for all orders over £120.  

If you’re looking for holsters for Glock airsoft pistols, explore our latest collection today.