Airsoft Equipment for use in Even Adverse Conditions

Airsoft Equipment for use in Even Adverse Conditions

The airsoft market is growing all the time and is estimated to reach $4.13 billion in the USA alone by 2031. This sport is not only popular but airsoft guns are regularly used by the police and military for training.

 Specialising in airsoft equipment which is durable and reliable, Kydex Customs UK Ltd has products used in a wide range of conditions.

 That includes premium holsters for all the most popular brands of airsoft pistols, such as the Pro Series Hicapa Holster.

 Designed to work with all standard makes and models of Airsoft Hicapa, it’s made with a mould specially manufactured by our team. Made of 2mm Thick Kydex, this holster has multiple points of adjustable retention.

 Kydex Customs UK Ltd is dedicated to making the best airsoft accessories available.

 Elsewhere in our range is this Tracer Series AAP-01 Holster which is designed to work with all makes of airsoft AAP-01 on the market with a tracer or suppressor. Made to fit suppressor height sights, it has an enhanced opening for easier re-holstering.

 Passionate about fulfilling the needs of the airsoft market, Kydex Customs UK Ltd has a wide range of equipment to choose from. That includes magazine carriers, optics and weapon lights, mounts, shooter belts, knife sheaths and much more.

 If you’re looking for quality airsoft equipment, simply contact our team for more information.