A Wide Collection of Airsoft Rifle Magazine Carriers

A Wide Collection of Airsoft Rifle Magazine Carriers

Kydex Customs UK Ltd is the perfect shop for airsoft enthusiasts at all levels. Whether you’re looking for solutions for the police or military market, or private use, our products are used by the best in the world, in some of the most adverse conditions.

Why invest in one of our magazine carriers?

The ability to easily carry extra magazines during gameplay can make all the difference. Staying organized will not only make playing easier, it will make you less stressed and improve your focus and concentration. This will allow for a more immersive experience.

You’ll have the ability to quickly reload, swapping magazines for full ones immediately, so you can stay playing at optimal levels. Never again will you need to be rummaging around for loose magazines in your pocket.

Our pistol magazine carriers are compact and easy to wear, so you can easily more freely during your game.

Magazines will be highly secure and won’t fall out no matter how much action you take part in! They will also be less likely to get damaged or contaminated, which can affect their performance or reliability.

 We cover most major brands including Glock, Hi-Capa, and many more.

 Whatever model of rifle you have, why not check out our range of magazine carriers today?